Anik Boutique Hotel

Anik Boutique hotel
Anik Boutique hotel

Anik Boutique Hotel is a beautiful small castle, nestled in the heart of Phnom Penh City, well know for the city of Cambodia. The boutique was built by a businessman who was widely respected in the hold family, “Anik” is the mane of his wife.

Anik Boutique hotel
Anik Boutique hotel

With the lady, Anik in mind, the whole property has been created to showcase natural beauty as evident from the landscaping which feature intimate gardens, fountains and water accents as well as hints of her Cambodia heritage with Khmer artisanship subtly infused in the architecture and interior design. Anik is the only boutique hotel in Cambodia that offer felling home service. Taken from the inspiration, this is reminiscent of the way a mother like Madam Anik take care of her children and husband.

Anik Boutique hotel restaurant
Anik Boutique hotel restaurant

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Service and facilities

  • Room

Each of our 34 elegant rooms is tastefully furnished, boasting of carefully chosen in-room amenities. All room come with city and garden view and modern technological such as wireless internet access. The ceiling which measures 2.85m, uncommon for the most hotels, has been elevated to this height to provide a sense of space for the guest. Interior design feature handcrafted fine teak wood furniture.

Anik Boutique hotel room
Anik Boutique hotel room
  • Steam & sauna

Using both Sauna and Steam  room isn’t just good for relaxation or look-and-feel improvements, it also benefit for relieving from muscle tension and stiff joint, booting the immune system, improving  blood circulation, relieving sinus congestion, enhancing detoxification process, deep skin  cleaning and rejuvenation.

  • Swimming pool

Get yourself in a simple act of relaxation after you get out of a hard day walking through the City. Our Indoor  Pool is waiting to be a place for your relaxing.

  • Fitness center

Fitness centre is your prescription for a healthy mind, body and soul. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

  • Doctor on call

In case of emergency, we ensure that the doctor on-call cover 24-hour service and always remains at our first priority.

  • Tour Concierge

The Tour Concierge is able to suggest extraordinary experience and countless wonderful ways of getting to know Royal Palace and Phnom Penh.


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